Monday, September 18, 2017

If Dr B. R. Ambedkar was alive today, would he support reservation in India in its present state?

Looking back Dr Ambedkar would have regretted the following.

a) Pune Pact for reserved constituency: This has resulted in true representatives of dalits such as Mayawati who got 4% of popular vote left without a seat in the parliament. With separate electorate, true dalit representatives would have been elected instead of the dummy ones who are approved by the upper-castes.

b) Not having compulsory education: This has resulted in reservations not being effective as enough dalits are not coming out of schools to enjoy the protection of reservations. He would have implemented some sort of reservations in schools as well - something like the RTE act. He would have provided mandatory funds to be allocated for education sector.

c) Setting the time-limit for reservations: Instead of time based, he would have come up with results based termination clause.

d) Not implementing womens reservations: If only he had implemented women's reservations in the first round itself, he could have changed the course of India and saved millions who die of female infanticide. Ambedkar couldn't have possibly anticipated the genocide that happens in India since the invention of the ultrasound sonography. He would have shown more urgency to implement reservations for women more than dalits.

e) Not asking the state for separate institutions for oppressed people - Ambedkar couldn't have anticipated the backlash of the upper-castes. If he did, he would have asked for a separate parallel institutions such as schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, police and courts for dalits. Just like we have muslim colleges, women's police station etc.

He would have regretted the precious time lost along with generations of people's lives.

                                                                                                                 BY  MOHAN VANAMALAI
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