Friday, October 20, 2017

Unbeliveable in Mahabharata

The Sex.
It’s unbelievable because the hullabaloo about ‘our culture and moral values’ seems to be so silly when put against the mature and confident way our epics handle sex scenes.
I’ve written this same answer over here, but I’m writing it again because everyone needs to read it, I think.
If you read a decent translation, it reads like a mix of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. Some examples from the Ramesh Menon translation:
  1. Two female sexual advances.. (free from judgement or negative connotations)
    "One morning when she was in her fertile time, Queen Girika came to her husband and asked him to make love...wearing the sheerest robe"
    "Adrika saw how radiant he was and lusted after him..[her plan being that] seeing her naked body he would make love to her"
  2. One instance of masturbation..
    "...with Girika's lush body before his mind's eye..."
  3. One oral sex/bestiality..
    "...darted forward and swallowed that seed..."
  4. One visible erection (this is subtle)..
    "Parashara's presence and dignity, which now suffered not a little for his visible excitement..."
...which ends in coitus.
These are some of the events leading to the birth of Vyasa, the mythic poet extraordinaire who composed the entire epic.
And, dear reader, we have not even begun chapter one.
Another rather funny part was when Urvashi offers her favors to Arjun, who refuses:
From Wikipedia - Urvashi reached Arjuna’s room one night. But Arjuna did not have any intentions of making love to Urvashi. Instead he called her the “mother” of the Kuru race. Because once Urvashi was the wife of king pururavas the ancestor of Kuru Dynasty. Urvashi felt insulted.. and hence lays a curse (you know what that was) on Arjun for a year.
For all those in India who get upset about teaching sex-education in schools, and our Anti-Romeo squads, let me emphasize most strongly - you need to know more of your own culture, and its lack of guilt/fear towards the human body.

                                                                                       Coutesy : Soumitra Bhoyar
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